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About 28 Day Mum

About Us

28DayMum connects parents-to-be with local post-partum talent, offering confinement care or babysitting services in Singapore. ​

28DayMum is an online platform for mums / mums-to-be and postpartum care providers.

Dedicated to help mummies-to-be or new mums to find the right postpartum care provider. Through our online portal, users can browse through a list of confinement nanny or babysitters listings available in Singapore. Finding the right nanny for your family shouldn’t be taken lightly. Likewise, finding a job as a nanny can be challenging as there are so many advertising platforms that aren’t sufficient in helping you find the right family.

28 Day Mum was created to provide both nannies and parents with a decent and free online platform where mums can easily and without any hassle search for their ideal nanny. Likewise, we genuinely want to provide job-seekers with a platform to advertise their services easily, for free, and without additional agency fees or commissions.

28DayMum 是一款全面而值得信赖的无中介费网上月子护理服务搜索平台。我们极力于帮助准妈妈们搜寻合适的产后服务或“陪月”人员。通过我们的网站,用户可以随时浏览位于新加坡、可接受预约的“陪月”与保姆名单与相关信息。让妈咪能在家里轻松坐月子, 安心调理身体之于,得到最完善的调理服务。

This Is Our Vision

“To embrace and advocate digitization, to shape the future of postpartum services”

Our Mission

“To connect mummies and mummies-to-be with the right talent, products and services for postpartum care”

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