Hoping for A Baby | Tips to Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy

So, you are prepared to get pregnant. Cheers! Deciding to aim for a little one is a significant milestone in life. But is your body prepared for pregnancy?

The pre-pregnancy phase is essential because having a healthy pregnancy and infant starts before you get pregnant.

The pre-pregnancy period is also known as preconception,” the duration before and between pregnancies.

Before pregnancy, you can enhance your chances of having an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Avoid Birth Control

If you desire to pregnant, you will require to stop any birth control you are taking. You can conceive immediately after preventing some kinds of contraception like birth control pills. Generally, most females get their first period within two weeks of quitting the pill. When your period begins, so does your initial cycle of trying to get pregnant. Some women conceive right away, but for others, it takes some months.

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Pregnancy is challenging on the body’s nutritional stores. Provide yourself strength by taking a multivitamin to tie any gaps. More preferably, prenatal vitamins are precisely prepared to provide your body what it requires during pregnancy.

Following are essential.

  • Folate
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iodine
  • Vegan diet

 Healthy Diet 

You can also get numerous minerals and vitamins you require from eating a portion of healthy food. Take fruits and vegetables into your food to control your exposure to toxins.

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Folic Acid

Folic acid is necessary to avoid neural tube defects during pre-pregnancy. Make sure you are taking at least four to eight hundred micrograms of folic acid per day.

Most prenatal vitamins already carry this quantity. Be sure to read the label.

Physically Active

Moving your body is the best method to prepare for pregnancy. Healthy muscles and fitness provide you the ideal conditions for a healthy pregnancy. Keep yourself active each day.

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A physical consultation with your family doctor is a good chance to get updated on any vaccinations that may have expired. Vaccinations can keep you protected and healthy.

Plan A Preconception

Plan a preconception meeting with your gynecologist. Your checkup should cover anything you are worried about during pregnancy.

Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Understanding your cycle helps you get pregnant faster. Note when your cycle starts and ends to check how the length of your cycle varies from month to month. Usually, the menstrual cycle length is around 28 days, but it can go to 35 days and still be considered normal.

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Control Toxin Exposure

Rich quantities of toxic exposure can be harmful. Try to control your exposure to usual offenders by preventing synthetic fragrances and use chemical-free products.


Yoga has several advantages for your pre-pregnancy. Yoga helps with your anxiety and emotions related to the conception method.

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Stop Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs can be harmful to pre-pregnancy in numerous ways. Drinking may cause miscarriage and congenital disabilities. The more you smoke, high the risk of complications. A smoke-free environment is necessary for your health.

Visit Your Dentist

When you are ready for pregnancy, make sure of your oral health. Hormonal change during pregnancy can make you more susceptible to gum infection. Visit your dentist for a checkup.

Gain Healthy Weight

Your physician will calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) at your physical. If your BMI is down into the overweight or underweight categories, talk to your physician.


Stress can cause issues during pregnancy, so discover methods to handle stress before you get pregnant. Eat healthily and sleep enough can deal with stress.

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Immune System

Boost your immune system by eating healthy food rich in minerals and antioxidants, getting vitamins, and taking rest. Avoid coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine.

Know Your Family History

Gathering your family health history can be essential for your baby health. It is also your responsibility to share this family health history with your physician.

Your Soul-mate’s Role in Pre-pregnancy

Your partner can do a lot to help and motivate you in every aspect of pregnancy. Make the planning about pregnancy together. When both spouses desire pregnancy, a woman feels more robust and prevents harmful behaviours such as drinking. The husband can also improve their fitness by controlling alcohol, smoking, etc. Your partner’s support and love have a fruitful impact on you and your future baby.


Having a child is one of the most exciting event that can happen to you. There is a lot to consider when you desire to add a child to your family. But with good planning, you will be on your path to a happy, healthy pregnancy. I hope this article provides you advice on preparing for pregnancy and taking special care of yourself and your future baby. Consult with your physician, if you use any tablets regularly.

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