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Confinement Nanny Services

Post-partum life can be extremely difficult, especially for new mums. The thought of doing it alone can be quite exciting, yet very daunting.

28 Day Mum is a free-to-use digital platform for mums and dads to search for nannies to perform confinement duties. With 28 Day Mum, you can easily and confidently find the right postpartum nannies to help you get through the first month, or even longer!

These nannies are all here to provide you with the assurance, extra help, guidance, and care you need postpartum.

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Confinement Nanny Scope of Work

Why Use Confinement Nanny Services?

Whether you’re an expecting mum, or already have a new-born, confinement nanny services will help you get through the first 28 days from the first day after you’ve been discharged from the hospital. These nannies will provide: